Formula SAE Italy 2018

In July 2018, HARD travelled to Parma, Italy to participate in the Formula SAE. After designing and build the car for a year, the HRD04 participated in the event and compete against other cars from other teams from all around the world. There were teams from Germany, Russia, and even India competing against HARD.

But, before the car can compete in the competition, it needs to go through rigorous technical and safety scrutinising to make sure that the car fully complies with the rules and safe to compete.

The car being scrutinised 

Finally, after the car passed the pre-event scrutineering, it can compete in the event! The team is assigned to a pit box where the team can work on the car before the tests.  

Static events

On the static test, the team needs to do a presentation about the car in front of three judges. The static event is divided into three sub-events, they are, Design Event, Cost Event, and Business Presentation Event. There is also a tilt test in the static events

Our engineers and the other members need to present the car in front of the judges. In the Design Event, our engineers need to present their design documents and defend our design against the judges. The judges put emphasise on our ability to design, build, and understanding of the car, not just the word of mouth!

Another static event is the cost event, where our team needs to show a copy of our cost report. We need to show how much we spend to build the car, the more expensive it is, the less point will be awarded.

And the last static event is the business presentation. Our member Jan Roelof and Matthieu was the one who did the business presentation. In this event, our team played a role as a company that is trying to sell our car to the market and ask for investment to the investor. The judges act as the investor in this case.

Dynamic events

The most exciting event in FS SAE 2018 was the dynamic events! The HRD04 competed in a tight competition with other teams. There are four sub-events, the first one was the acceleration test, then skidpad test, autocross test, and the gruelling endurance test.

On the acceleration test, the HRD04 only needs to do one thing, accelerate from the start to the finish line. The fastest one wins! Unfortunately, there was a problem with the car, so the HRD04 only did one run

But the hardest one is the endurance test. The car needs to cover around 22km nonstop. Not only the car needs to survive the test, but it also needs to fast! Sadly, our car only covers 6km as the differential of the car broke down.

Even though we couldn’t bring home a great result, in the end, the team learn a lot from the event, and we had a blast!  


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