What is Formula Student?

Formula Student, or Formula SAE, is an international design competition for students. This competition was founded in 1980 at the University of Texas at Austin. By expanding to other countries and continents, the competition now has several organizers and is also known by the two names mentioned above.

The concept of this event is a fictional production company that hires a student team to develop a small-scale Formula-style racing car. The target group of this product would be a non-professional weekend driver. Each student team designs builds and tests a prototype based on rules Formula Student rules, while it must guarantee safety on the circuit and must provide ingenious solutions.

In addition, the team may only consist of active college or university students, including the drivers of the car

HARD at Formula Student

HARD's origin can be traced back from 2010 with a group of students who is passionate about motorsport and want to build their own race car and compete in the renowned Formula Student event. After months of designing and building, in 2011 they finished their first-ever race car, the HRD01 and went to compete in the FormulaStudent Silverstone in the UK. Since then HARD has been competing in Formula Student Netherlands and recently Formula SAE Italy in 2018 with the HRD04.

With the member of more than 40 men and women dedicated their time for the team, we at HARD design and build a new fast and reliable race car from scratch every year.

The engineers start the design phase by reading the rules and the guidelines of designing, after that they will start making the sketch of their own parts and show it to their respective chief (engineering or dynamics). if the sketch is accepted the engineers will make the technical drawing, show it to their chief again, make the production plan, test the parts and afterward if the part(s) are perfect, and finally, it can be fitted to the car.


Even though our main goals is to compete in Formula Student, it's always about teamwork and family in our team! not only we build a race car, but we also do a lot of team building activities such as Go Karting, making dinner, and hang out together at the weekend. Because at HARD, we are not only teammates but we also a family from different cultures bonding together!


The Formula Student Event

During the Formula Student Event, there are two events that will assess the car, Static Event and Dynamic Event

The static test is consisted of:

Design event

In the Design event, the team needs to present the car along with all the necessary documentation. The judge will assess the car based on the documentation of the design, so simply showing up with a great car is not enough! The judges will put emphasis on the team’s ability to design, build, refine and validate, and understand their own car.

Cost event

For the cost event, the team needs to show a printed copy of the Cost Report. The higher the cost, the lower the score and vice versa.

Business presentation event

In this event, the team needs to do a presentation in front of the judges, as they are trying to convince an investor to invest in the car. The team needs to convince that the car can produce profit and paying attention to the marketing, manufacturing, and product appeal aspect when presenting the car.

The dynamic test is consisted of:

Acceleration event:

The acceleration event measure how fast can the cargo within a 75-meter straight line. It is simple, the fastest one wins!

Skidpad event:

Skidpad event is where the car needs to go around a figure eight as fast as possible.

Autocross event:

In the Autocross event, the car needs to go around a track with cones as an obstacle (such as doing slalom), the car will also race against another car from another team. The fast one wins!

Endurance event:

The endurance event is the combination of endurance and fuel consumption/battery consumption for 22km. The winner is decided by how fast the car can get around the track and finish the race!


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