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Hanze University of Applied Sciences provide higher education and practice-oriented research. With a wide range of courses to choose from, the university produces high quality professionals. In addition, Hanze is working on new solutions and innovations for professional practice and the society. Working together with companies and other institutions, applicable and practice oriented knowledge is developed.






Founded in 1919, Combimac is a company specialising in designing and producing electric motors and centrifugal fans, their products are used in biogas industry, industrial furnaces, submarines, and naval vessels. The company is located in Emmen with around 50 employees from different disciplines. Combimac help us powered our race car by building a custom electric motor that has been design according to specification and needs.


Philips N.V. 

Philips N.V. is a new partner for Hanze Racing Division this season. Founded at Eindhoven in 1891, Philips is now one of the largest electrical companies in the world. Philips provided electrical knowledge and simulation support to our engineers. HARD is proud to have this partnership with Philips this year.





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