About Us

The Hanze Racing Division is an educational foundation aimed at teaching students the ins and outs of building an electric race car and running an organization.

With the help of our partners, we design, produce and assemble every car component needed in order to create the most competitive vehicle possible and participate in the Formula Student International competition.

Throughout our journey, our members get a valuable insight into the world of engineering by getting first hand experience and working with more tools and components than they ever will during their studies.

Meanwhile, our communication and management needs allows students from every study field to gain as much experience in their domain as possible. Indeed, we would be nothing without our followers and our partners, which is why our communication team works tirelessly to produce content that will mark our history.




While being a part-time member is easily compatible with one’s studies, we offer the opportunity to our members to truly integrate their time at HARD with their study programme by following a minor. 

During one semester, these students will choose a subject and a technical direction in which they will deepen and/or expand their knowledge. By working on a full time basis, minor students can have the opportunity to steer the foundation as part of the board, and will get 30 ETCS for their work.