Driverless Engineer vacancy


General description HARD

HARD is a formula student team of around 30 people. We consist of motivated students from a lot of different studies. As a team we try to build an electric race car which we can compete with at a formula student event.

Description of function

As a sensor engineer in the driverless division, you will be responsible for the sensors located on the car. Without LiDARS and a camera the car will not be able to drive! You will mainly be working on setting up the hardware on the car (together with an electrical engineer), and writing the firmware communication protocols needed to make sure the sensors can communicate with the software driving the car. 

Are you?

  •     Interested in self-driving cars / the formula student competition?
  •     Motivated to learn and apply new skills?
  •     Have a love for AI or coding?
  •     Experienced with 3D printing
  •     Studying Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics


What do we offer?

  •     A place to apply your knowledge
  •     A fun team and team building activities
  •     An office to work from
  •     The ability to join Formula Student events
  •     Chance of driving a formula student race car.

For questions about the vacancy send an email to