Through the sponsored truck of Pouw Rent, we arrived at FSN on Sunday, taking with us HRD05 and the Driverless kart! The event week began with a FSN2022 event photo, which can be seen above. On Monday afternoon, we showcased our driverless kart. We set out a circuit with cones, which the kart had to race by itself. It was really nice to finally see our progress on the track. Also, INDI and Gridtalk came by to shoot some photos and video’s, which you can find in the link down below!

Even though we didn’t get to compete this year, the scrutineers of FSN were kind enough to inspect our car and developed electrical systems. During the day we went to the scrutineering to get feedback on our prototype of the accumulator container and the PCB’s we have developed the past year.


On Tuesday, we went though the mechanical scrutineering with a big success! The scrutineers were very pleased to see what we had developed and built so far. We got some feedback on minor issues, which we can improve for next year.

Next to showcasing and testing our car, we really enjoyed looking at all the other teams and cars. We got to share information with a lot of new people, which was really valuable. Right now, our focus will be back at developing the HRD05 and to use all the feedback and information that we got to improve the car as best as we can. This way we hope to make some good results in the competition for next year!