lead communications vacancy


General description HARD

HARD is a formula student team of around 30 people. We consist of motivated students from a lot of different studies. As a team we try to build an electric race car which we can compete with at a formula student event. 

Description of function 

As the lead of the communications team, you are responsible for the online activity of the team. Together with your communications team, you will make sure the website is up to date, the Instagram and LinkedIn are staying active, and sponsors are monthly updated through newsletters.
Next to this, you are in contact with Hanze studies, who are doing projects for HARD. You will make sure they have the necessary information and guidance.

We are looking for someone that is willing to do this full-time (40 hours per week). However if you can do at least 20 hours per week we can look at the possibilities!


Are you?

  • Interested in social media;
  • Interested in content creation;
  • Good in leading a team;
  • Good at taking initiative;
  • Good in working in a team;
  • Interested in race cars/formula student competition;
  • Motivated to learn and apply new skills.


What do we offer?

  • A motivated and fun team to work with
  • Office to work in
  • Budget to work with
  • Opportunity to learn and apply new skills
    • Get SCC and First Aid certificates
  • Possible participation at a formula student event
  • Chance of driving a formula student race car