Mechanical Engineer vacancy
Bodywork engineer


General description HARD

HARD is a formula student team of around 30 people. We consist of motivated students from a lot of different studies. As a team we try to build an electric race car with which we can compete with at a formula student event.

Description of function

As a member of the mechanical engineering team you will help to make the car drive!

As the mechanical bodywork engineer at HARD you will be part of the design and production process of a formula student race car. Your main focus will be the bodywork (nosecone, the body panels and the floor) of the car. You will specialize in production methods for carbon fiber and aluminium bodywork.
You will be the bodywork specialist in the team, you know the rules, the designs and you have the practical knowledge to reach the goal: having a rules compliant bodywork. Next to this you can help your fellow mechanical engineers, or pick up other tasks that have to be done. 


Are you?

  •     Interested in cars/the formula student competition
  •     Motivated to learn and apply new skills
  •     Someone who can take initiative
  •     Someone who works well in teams
  •     Studying Mechanical engineering/Werktuigbouwkunde
  •     Able to work with solidworks
  •     Willing to commit to the team

What do we offer?

  •     The ability to see your design become real
  •     Team building activities
  •     Office and workshop to work in
  •     Possible participation at a formula student event
  •     Chance of driving a formula student race car.

For questions about the vacancy send an email to