Term tuesday: scrutineering

A WEIRD JARGON THAT EVEN NEW RACING FANS CANNOT UNDERSTAND! By Jericho Wilyan   First of all, welcome to our blog! From now on, every Tuesday I will be writing a blog about engineering terms. The topics may not always relate with Formula Student but aren’t we all here for learning! So, this week we […]

Term tuesday: Parc Fermé

AN UNUSUAL TERM THAT SOMETIMES CONFUSED NEWCOMERS By Jericho Wilyan We heard it all before and also from my blog last week. “car needs to be in parc fermé after qualifying session”. But what exactly is this term? It’s a French term but we don’t really know what exactly it is unless we ask our […]

Interview with Jasper

By Sanne Hulder Last week I had an interview with Jasper at the workshop from the Hanze Racing Division (HARD). Jasper is a first-year student of the three-year Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s Program who joined the team earlier this year. He joined to take on an additional challenge during his regular education program.       […]

About formula student

Founded in 1980 at the University of Texas in Austin as Formula SAE, today Formula Student is one of the most prestigious academic motorsport competitions in the world, with the goal of generating competent and proficient students on engineering, organisational, and communication and marketing role through a novel and innovative year-long project. Moreover, the students […]

Together, we build a racecar

Since the team was founded in 2010, HARD has grown from a group of people who love racing to a racing team that builds race cars, which participates in the worlds biggest Formula Student competitions. Our members come from all over the world, bringing their cultural wealth and knowledge to our strong and diverse team.

HARD begins with the info campaign!

That special time of the year is here…HARD is looking for new team members to join the team 2020! Before we will start with the interesting recruitment campaign that the members of the communication department have created, the info campaign will take place… We know that you want to know a little bit more about us before […]

Launching our new website!

With the help of Wildsea, HARD is proud to announce the launch of the new website!   After four months of HARD work and dedication… Hanze Racing Division is proud to announce the launch of the newly designed website! Our aim was to provide a website that is user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate.   […]