Rollout HRD-06

After many months of hard work the team is proud to announce the rollout of our new car: the HRD06! The rollout will take place at the Energy Barn (Zernikelaan 17) on Friday the 21th. This is an opportunity to show off the fruits of our labor to the world. The event will take place […]

Roll Out HRD05

Previous Next After months of preparation, last Friday (June 9th) the HRD-05 was finally ready for its roll-out. In the Gerardus de San conference hall at the Zernike Campus all supporters, sponsors, family and friends were invited to have a first look at the new fully electric car made by Hanze Racing Division. After taking […]

Kick-off Alumni Association HARD

Previous Next 10 years of designing, engineering and producing race cars, means 10 years of experienced alumni that were once part of the Hanze Racing Division. This is the reason why in 2020 the Alumni Association of HARD was founded. With a slow start because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the alumni association was on hold, […]

The Shutdown Circuit

A very important part of the electrical system is the shutdown circuit. If something happens that isn’t supposed to happen, the shutdown circuit will get notified and shut down the vehicle. To make this shutdown circuit, we make use of different sensors, switches and PCB’s. To start the electrical system there is a low voltage […]


Through the sponsored truck of Pouw Rent, we arrived at FSN on Sunday, taking with us HRD05 and the Driverless kart! The event week began with a FSN2022 event photo, which can be seen above. On Monday afternoon, we showcased our driverless kart. We set out a circuit with cones, which the kart had to […]


Team Manager Hello, my name is Susan, and I’m the current HARD Team Manager.  My job entails taking care of the well-being of the team, and being the central point of communication between every department I also deal with Sponsors, and communication with other Formula Student teams, as well as the Formula Student organisation. I […]

Mark Oosting: the tech guy who became engineer

With more than 3 years of HARD work within the team, Mark Oosting is one of our oldest active members. Originally studying web development and interaction design, he discovered himself a passion for mechanical engineering in 2018 and decided to follow his guts by starting the mechanical engineering bachelor at the Hanze University of Applied […]

Road to driverless: circuit mapping

While a majority of HARD members work on the current version of our first electric car, the HRD05, some are propelling themselves into the future, creating the systems that will one day drive our babies. They are the Driverless Team, a group of passionate programmers, mathematicians and excel sheet lovers on a route towards making […]

A glimpse into HARD’s electrical department

Today we briefly dive into our electrical department with an interview of two members: Thanos, at HARD since this summer, and Mert, member since November. Both of them study Sensor Technology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and are eager to learn and take up challenges.  Thanos Mert Having joined the team nearly a […]

Term tuesday: scrutineering

A WEIRD JARGON THAT EVEN NEW RACING FANS CANNOT UNDERSTAND! By Jericho Wilyan   First of all, welcome to our blog! From now on, every Tuesday I will be writing a blog about engineering terms. The topics may not always relate with Formula Student but aren’t we all here for learning! So, this week we […]